Say Hello to Coco-Boardies!

Being based in Antigua, coconuts are abundant. In fact the earth gives us more than 20 billion of them each year. Coconut flesh is already celebrated for its use in cosmetic and medical products but the outer husk is usually discarded and considered a waste product. 

But not anymore. It turns out coconut husks make a pretty perfect material to make board shorts out of, when blended with recycled polyester yarns. The fabric known as Cocotex will flex and twist, it dries faster than a normal boardshort, it fights odor and it lasts. 

This process of up cycling the coconut husks converts waste into want. It reduces the amount of waste in the oceans and landfills, by giving us a garment that we can feel good about wearing. 

Sounds like the recipe for the worlds most perfect boardshort. Vissla’s range of Cocotex board shorts are available now at Turtle's Surf Shop.